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Q. What does want to say fine gold or gold of 18 kilates?

R. It is named a fine gold or gold of 18 Kilates to the alloy obtained from 1000 grms. of pure gold, and that proves mixing 750 grms. of thin gold and 250 grms. of alloy of silver, copper, palladium … .etc. With it there is obtained a harder, metal consistent and easy to work, as well as a tone more similar to the wished one.


Q. What does want to say sterling silver?

R. It is named a silver of law or of 925 mm. To the alloy obtained from 1000 grms. of pure silver, and that proves mixing 925 grms. of thin silver and 75 grms. of copper. With it there is obtained a silver harder and easy to work.


Q. Which is the difference between a diamond and the brilliant one?

R. The diamond is the generic name of the mineral and brilliant it is a height of the diamond.


Q. Which is the equivalent in grams of a diamond of a carat?

R. A carat represents the fifth part of a gram. For what a diamond of 5 carats will weigh 1 gram, and 0,20 grams it will be equivalent to 1 carat.


Q. Of what a golden bath consists and how much can last?

R. A bath of gold, silver or rodio is a superficial treatment that applies him to a piece to change or to improve his color. To give a golden bath there is in use gold of 18 Kilates. To obtain a white or silver tone silver is in use or rodio. The baths are not definitive treatments, for what they tend to disappear depending on the use and wear that has the piece. Also it is important bear in mind ss his permanence will be major or minor.


Q. Why the white gold with the time loses color and yellows?

R. The gold for nature is yellow, and being 18 Kilates, the proportion of yellow metal is very high (¾ divide). The part of alloy for the obtaining of white gold contains more silver than the alloy for pieces of yellow gold. Finally to the piece of white gold a bath will be applied to him of rodio in order that it looks like a platinum. The above mentioned bath to the superficial being can, and it is normal that with the use and fret, disappears, and consequently the piece yellows.


Q. Will they put black on the pieces of silver?

R. The majority of pieces of silver takes end of rodio that prevents from becoming dark or black. But if this happened, do not hesitate to consult us that, gladly, we him will attend and treat his pieces.


Q. Why is platinum used less and less in the manufacture of jewels?

R. The platinum is in use less due to his high cost, joined to that the process of smelting is scantier and complex than that of other metals.


Q. Is it a more expensive a platinum jewel than a jewel of white gold?

R. The same jewel made of platinum always will be costlier than in white gold due to the high value of the raw material, joined a more exclusive and manual manufacture.

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